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BE - Ellipse cores

W - Width  [mm] (8)
L - Length  [mm] (8)
H - Height  [mm] (8)
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Ljf BEB5013-SF-060A     &KD Ljf BEB5013-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,50.00x35.00x13.00mm
178823 SF5035L-E13-060  
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEB5018-SF-060A     &KD Ljf BEB5018-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,50.00x35.00x18.00mm
178824 SF5035L-E18-060  
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEB6013-SF-060A     &KD Ljf BEB6013-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,60.00x35.00x13.00mm
178822 SF6035L-E13-060  
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEB6018-SF-060A     &KD Ljf BEB6018-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,60.00x35.00x18.00mm
178821 SF6035L-E18-060  
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEB7013-SF-060A     &KD Ljf BEB7013-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,70.00x35.00x18.00mm
178798 SF7035L-E13-060  
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEB7018-SF-060A      &KD Ljf BEB7018-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,70.00x35.00x18.00mm
178782 SF7035L-E18.5-060  
Quantity [pcs]1+12+
Total stock: 2
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEC3520L-SF-060A     &KD Ljf BEC3520L-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,35.00x20.00x20.00
178783 SF3520L-E20-060  
Quantity [pcs]1+12+
Total stock: 4
Manufacturer: KDM  
Ljf BEC3525L-SF-060A    &KD Ljf BEC3525L-SF-060A &KD   Si-Fe Ellipse core ,35.00x20.00x25.00
178810 SF3520L-E25-060  
Quantity [pcs]1+12+
on request
Manufacturer: KDM  
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