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Data, Signal

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Lt2&gt;  2.2mH CDV Lt2> 2.2mH CDV   Features <br />• High attenuation over a wide frequency range <br />• Low interwinding and coupling capacitanc
ID: 180874 CDV-2.2-A  
Quantity [pcs]1+9+
Total stock: 24
Manufacturer: Talema (NT MAGNETICS)  
Ltk:= 1.5uH 2824 ACM   SMD; 2824; 4A; 80VDC; R: 15mOhm?; 1GHz
ID: 184441 ACM7060-701-2PL-TL01  
Quantity [pcs]1+60+
on request
Manufacturer: TKD  
Ltk:= 51.0uH  1812 B827 Ltk:= 51.0uH 1812 B827   200mA Rdc=250mO U=250Vdc/2s, OBSOLETE!
ID: 149602 B82799-S0513-N001  
Quantity [pcs]1+100+
Total stock: 46
Manufacturer: Epcos / TDK  
Ltk:= 51.0uH  1812 PE Ltk:= 51.0uH 1812 PE   L=51uH, 230mA, DCR=1,0 Ohm,
ID: 184239 PE-1812ACC510STS  
Quantity [pcs]1+20+
on request
Manufacturer: Pulse  
Ltk:= 51.0uH  1812 SRF Ltk:= 51.0uH 1812 SRF   200mA, DCR=3,5Ohm, U=250Vdc/2s,
ID: 180094 SRF4532-510Y  
Quantity [pcs]1+20+
Total stock: 950
Manufacturer: Bourns  
Ltk:=470.0uH 0403L EIA Ltk:=470.0uH 0403L EIA   200mA Rdc=2x410mO I=4.5mm, w=3.2mm, h=3.2mm
ID: 181599 B82799C0474N001  
Manufacturer: Epcos / TDK  
Ltk&gt;  51uH WE-SLM 744242510 Ltk> 51uH WE-SLM 744242510   Filtr,, 51 µH, WE-SLM Série, 2,5 kohm, 400 mA, 5mm x 3,3mm x 3,3mm
ID: 182251 744242510  
Quantity [pcs]1+3+
Total stock: 48
Manufacturer: Würth Elektronik  
Ltk&gt; 470uH WE-SLM 744242471 Ltk> 470uH WE-SLM 744242471   Filtr,, 470 µH, WE-SLM Serie, 2,2 kohm, 400 mA, 5mm x 3,3mm x 3,3mm
ID: 181681 744242471  
Quantity [pcs]1+10+
Total stock: 205
Manufacturer: Würth Elektronik  
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