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I+case 25,4x 38,2_F05-AL2

Thermally Conductive Pad for insulated Packages SOT-227, ISOTOP and in size 25,4x38,1 mm

ID Code:181709
Manufacturer:SEMIC EU
Price with VAT : 1,100635 €
Price without VAT : 0,909616 €
VAT:21 %
Total stock:0 pcs
Marking manufacturer: F05-AL2_25,4x38,2mm_SOT227Uni
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Thermally Conductive Shape for insulated Modules with baseplate 25,4x38,1 mm, for thermally demanding applications
IP50-F05-AL2 is an aluminium film which is coated with a grapfite filled, thermally conductive phase change compound (silicone and solvent free) on both sides thus optimising the thermal path e.g. between electr. packages and heatsinks.
During warm-up the phase change coating starts filling up surface-specific roughnesses and expels any air from micropores and pockets across whole touch pad even at low pressure. The thickness of the soft material layer is minimal under the pressure. The thermal resistance is minimized and remains very low even at temperatures below the phase change point. The process is repeated at higher temperatures so that it is able to equalize thermal cycling of materials while maintaining a very low Rth . The aluminium carrier effects high mechanical stability and easy handling.

Basic information:

Marking manufacturerF05-AL2_25,4x38,2mm_SOT227Uni 
Specification:Medium Hard 
Type of material:Conductive 
Material: HousingAL+Wax (Phase Change) 
ColorBK - black 
Case:!_i+mod 25.4x38.2_! 

Packaging and weight:

Weight:0.22 [g]
Type of packaging:BOX 
Small package (Number of units):1000 

Thermal and mechanical parameters:

Tmin (minimum working temperature)-50 [°C]
Tmax (maximum working temperature)150 [°C]
Thermal conductivity200 W/m*K
Rth Thermal Impedance0.01 K-in2/W
Rth shape0.00733 K/W
RM - Pitch pins30 [mm]
D1 - Inner diameter [mm]
W - Width 25.4 [mm]
L - Length 38.2 [mm]
L1 - Length 30 [mm]
H - Height 0.08 [mm]
T - thickness0.076 [mm]
Rozměry/Velikost (LxWxH)38.2*25.4 [mm]
Dimensions of outlets0.00 [mm]

Alternatives and replacements

Alternative 1:176040 - I+SOT227-25,4x38,1-ALF05 (STF) 
Alternative products 1:KU-ALF5-0H-KS-25,4x38,1mm-L 

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