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holder CC-13 holder CC-13   Fixing clamp; Cable P-clips; OBundle : 8.3mm; polyamide; natural
ID: 185894  
on request
Manufacturer: FIX&FASTEN  
holder F0505HC-100 holder F0505HC-100   1pcs self-adhesive, dim.: 12.5x12.5x3.2mm (small packing=4pcs in row)
ID: 172827  
Total stock: 812
holder F0505HC-101 holder F0505HC-101   samolepící sokl 21.0x21.0x4.7mm ,
ID: 172829  
on request
holder F0518PTS0607 holder F0518PTS0607   cable holder, grey, f6-7mm, 20x25mm
ID: 172828 PTS-0607  
Total stock: 720
Manufacturer: TOR 1  
holder F0518TS0708 holder F0518TS0708   držák kabel. plast f7-8mm samolepící ,šířka=20mm délka=25mm
ID: 172830  
Total stock: 10
holder FTH-13R-01BK-M holder FTH-13R-01BK-M   Cable tie holder; black; 15.2x9.7mm; Application: for cable ties
ID: 181166 FTH-13R-01BK-M  
Total stock: 93
Manufacturer: RICHCO  
holder PCB-MB-01 holder PCB-MB-01   držák DPS (konzola) ,
ID: 172831  
on request
Manufacturer: RICHCO  
holder VS 3 holder VS 3   držák DPS s M2,5 ,
ID: 172832  
on request
Manufacturer: Fischer  
holder WEB-B1 holder WEB-B1   držák na DIN lištu 35mm ,
ID: 172833  
Total stock: 198
I+TO220-clip SMP-TO220 I+TO220-clip SMP-TO220   Pads under Case, Insulat. Clips TO-220 ,insulated holder of TO-220
ID: 171672 SMP-TO220  
Total stock: 887
Manufacturer: SEMIC EU  
K#FCC-15 K#FCC-15   Self-adhesive cable holder; PVC; light grey
ID: 183943 FCC-15  
on request
Manufacturer: FIX&FASTEN  
S*P2RF-08-E S*P2RF-08-E   patice pro relé G2R-2 na DIN ,roz. 16x48x85.5mm
ID: 135551 P2RF-08-E  
on request
Manufacturer: Omron  
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