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Hybrid SiC

Udc (URRM, UCEO, Umax)  [V] (10)?

Udc - definitions for components

Udc = URRM - Diode

Udc = UDRM , URRM - Thyristor

Udc = UCEO - Transistors

Udc = Umax -

Idc max (Tc/Ta=25÷160°C) [A] (10)?

Current at the lowest temperature.
The specifications in the datasheet.

Idc=IF (AV) - Diode

Idc=IT (AV) - Thyristor

Idc=IC max - BJT, IGBT

Idc=ID max - Transistor: FET


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APT25GLQ120JCU2 APT25GLQ120JCU2   Trans IGBT Module 1200V 45A 170W SOT-227 Tube
ID: 189834 APT25GLQ120JCU2  
Manufacturer: Microchip Technology  
APT40GLQ120JCU2 APT40GLQ120JCU2   Trans IGBT Module 1200V 80A 312W SOT-227 Tube
ID: 189835 APT40GLQ120JCU2  
Manufacturer: Microchip Technology  
APTGLQ40DDA120CT3G APTGLQ40DDA120CT3G   Trans IGBT Module 1200V 75A 250W SP3F Tube
ID: 189836 APTGLQ40DDA120CT3G  
Manufacturer: Microchip Technology  
DIM1200ESM33-MH00 DIM1200ESM33-MH00   Fast IGBT Module 3300V/1200A Single Fast SiC Diodes
ID: 185397 DIM1200ESM33-MH00  
on request
Manufacturer: Dynex Semiconductor  
SEMiX603GB12E4SiCp SEMiX603GB12E4SiCp   IGBT 1200V Hybrid SiC
ID: 173637 SEMiX603GB12E4SiCp  
on request
Manufacturer: Semikron  
SKiM429GD17E44F SKiM429GD17E44F   Trench IGBT Modules 1700V
ID: 191870 SKiM429GD17E44F  
Quantity [pcs]1+9+45+135+
Total stock: 1
Manufacturer: Semikron  
SKIM459GD12F4V3 SKIM459GD12F4V3   Hybrid SiC Trench IGBT Modules 1200V
ID: 186555 SKiM459GD12F4V3  
Manufacturer: Semikron  
SKM200GB12F4SiC2 SKM200GB12F4SiC2   IGBT 1200V Hybrid SiC
ID: 173633 SKM200GB12F4SiC2  
on request
Manufacturer: Semikron  
SKM200GB12F4SiC3 SKM200GB12F4SiC3   IGBT 1200V Hybrid SiC
ID: 185571 SKM200GB12F4SiC3  
Manufacturer: Semikron  
SKM200GB12T4SiC2 SKM200GB12T4SiC2   IGBT 1200V Hybrid SiC
ID: 173631 SKM200GB12T4SiC2  
on request
Manufacturer: Semikron  
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